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Some people eat doughnuts for breakfast. We have paodequeijo, and it's free for unlimited teammates.

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The Product

Everything you get out there. With reasonable pricing.

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Nice to meet you

Pair unlimited users to meet up and get to know each other

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Pick the people you want to meet

Tired of just hanging out with your team? With paodequeijo you can select the group you wish to be paired with.

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People Analytics

Are you a startup founder or Head of People and want to see if your team is enjoying this tool? Easy peasy. We deliver usage reports to your inbox on a monthly basis.

Get ready to scale



Unlimited teammates
  • ✓ Get to know each other
  • ✓ Promote team alignment
  • ✓ Boost your culture



Unlimited teammates
  • ✓ Everything on STARTUP, plus:
  • ✓ Select with whom you want to talk
  • ✓ Google calendar integration
  • ✓ People Analytics


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Unlimited teammates
  • ✓ Tell us what you need and it's yours
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